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Khutse Game reserve Botswana

Because of its proximity, and relative accessibility, to the nation’s capital, Khutse game Reserve is a favourite retreat for Gaborone visitors or residents. The 240 kms drive from the capital to the game reserve is very interesting.The Reserve is 2590 sq kms in size and combines most types of Kalahari habitat – rolling grasslands, river beds, and fossil dunes and grassed and bare pans.
The reserve is part of an ancient river system that once flowed northeast to fill the prehistoric Lake

Animals include: springbok, gemsbok, giraffe, wildebeest, hartebeest, kudu, black-backed jackal, steenbok, duiker, and the accompanying predators lion, leopard, cheetah, smaller cats, and hyena.

There are several delightful loops worth driving through the reserve. The shorter drive is the northern loop around Sekhushwe and Mohurusile pans, approximately 24 kms from the reserve headquarters. The longer drive is to Moreswa Pan, about 64 kms from the headquarters, or a 120 kms loop.

Khuse Game reserve


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